continuity: so difficult to achieve, or why mangosteen always wins, hands down

Well, I have a decision to make: describe what I have been doing for the last 37 days, 23 hours, and 9 minutes, or post something random.

I choose random posting. So I stopped by my neighborhood dealer yesterday and picked up 4 kilos for about a buck-sixty. Uhh, of fruit, that is. Two kilos each of mangosteen and rambutan. Sadly, lychee are out of season now--Alban may have gotten me hooked. Just for your cultural edification, that's เงาะ (ngaw) and  มัคุด (mangkut) in Thai.
The spiky red and green whatsit on the left is the rambutan, and the bowling ball looking jon't on the right is a mangosteen.  Both pretty tasty, but if it came down to a fruity deathmatch, the mangosteen would win every time. So damn good. Mmm.

 I'm trying to work up the fortitude to post more. We'll see how it goes. I have to present on my research at the end of this week, so maybe there will be more during the weekend.  Back to the powerpoint. Ugh. Righto.